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Getting started ‚Äč

This section is a growing list of tutorials that will help you understand how to write scripts for Pinokio.

It is not required but recommended that you read them in this order.

  1. Hello world: Write a minimal script that runs a shell command.
  2. Run multiple scripts: Automatically run multiple commands in sequence.
  3. Automatically type keys: Have full control over the shell by programmatically typing keys.
  4. Pressing enter: Learn the difference between entering commands and typing keys.
  5. Interacting with the shell: In addition to writing to the shell, learn how to read and process the realtime data from the shell, treating the shell like a server.
  6. Run python scripts: Write a simple Pinokio script that automatically runs python scripts.
  7. Custom environment variables: Learn how to run shell environments with custom environment variables.
  8. Self driving scripts: Learn how to make your scripts automatically run without human intervention.
  9. Custom menu bar: Learn how to customize the menubar for your script repository.
  10. Install a DB automatically: Learn how to install and populate a database autonomously.
  11. Documenting scripts: Script documentation tips
  12. Dynamic scripts: How to generate Pinokio scripts dynamically.
  13. Declaring dependencies: How to display an install menu for downloading dependencies for your scripts.
  14. User-friendly forms: How to auto-generate forms for filling out any JSON.
  15. Publishing scripts: How to publish and share Pinokio scripts.