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self ‚Äč

The self refers to the script itself.

Pinokio scripts automatically re-construct themselves every time an instruction is executed, using the following algorithm:

  1. Every time an instruction in a run array is about to be executed, the following algorithm is run.
  2. First reload the currently executing script file. (if the current script is index.json, Pinokio automatically reloads the file to put the up-to-date JSON object in memory)
  3. Auto-import all JSON and JavaScript modules in the same folder (as well as subfolders) using the import algorithm
  4. The instruction (often contains template expressions) is filled out with the resulting memory
  5. The instantiated instruction is executed.

Here's an example script:

  "run": [{
    "method": "set"
    "params": {
      "self": {
        "config.json": {
          "apikey": "blablablabll",
          "apisecret": "secretsecretsecret"
  }, {
    "method": "log",
    "params": {
      "json": "{{self.config}}" 
  1. When the first instruction is run, it sets the self.config.apikey and self.config.apisecret values through the set API.
  2. The next instruction prints the self.config, and this will be based on the most up-to-date memory state, therefore will print the following:
{ "apikey": "blablablabll", "apisecret": "secretsecretsecret" }