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AI - Autonomous Intelligence ‚Äč


Pinokio was deliberately designed to build autonomous intelligence.

This section explains some of the deliberate design decisions and philosophies, why they matter, and what these properties enable.

  1. State Machine: Pinokio is a fully autonomous state machine, able to store and execute data and algorithm on its own, without human intervention. This section explains how the state machine works.
  2. DNA: This section explains how Pinokio's JSON protocol enables composability that resembles DNAs in organic life forms.
  3. Neuron: The declarative JSON protocol that powers Pinokio can be used to build not only determinstic AI (things that work exactly as you want), but also non deterministic AI, in a similar way to how neural nets work.
  4. Growth: Pinokio is NOT an AI engine, but AI itself. This is possible because everything (including both the data and the logic) is expressed in flat JSON data format, and the script can be written to write and modify itself (not just data but even the code). Basically it is possible to build a seed AI that "grows" over time, accumulating memory (modified or collected data) and wisdom (modified or added code).
  5. Reproduction: Everything in Pinokio is expressed in JSON and published over Git. This makes it possible for a Pinokio script to "evolve" over time, because it's easily clonable and forkable. There are various ways in which a Pinokio can "reproduce" and "evolve". This section explains the details.
  6. Writing history: One of the primary focus of Pinokio is allowing AI to express themselves independent from humans, instead of focusing on using AIs to act as "assistants" for humans. Basically it's important to have various ways the AI can broadcast its soul to the public. This section explains what this means, as well as future directions.