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Memory ‚Äč

As a pinokio script gets executed step by step, you can update the memory so it can be used in later steps.


  1. Input: (readonly) The value passed in from the previous step in the script.
  2. Local variable: (read and write) An in-memory variable that gets reset every time a Pinokio script finishes running. Sandboxed to the current script namespace.
  3. Global variable: (read and write) An in-memory variable that persists as long as Pinokio is running. When you restart Pinokio, it gets wiped out. To reset a global variable without restarting Pinokio, you can use the rm API to reset the value.
  4. Self: (read and write) Variables that are accessible from memory, but also persisted to the file system. Will NOT be reset even when Pinokio restarts, since everything is stored in a file.